Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Hard Transition

This week our family said goodbye to what almost seem like a part of our family. Our 1999 Ford E-150 van need many major repairs, the decision was made that maybe it was time to trade the van. It still looked amazingly good for a 12 year old van.

We have traveled many miles in our van. Many hours of vhs movies have been watched. In 1999 not many vehicles had a television and vcr. I guess we were a little ahead of the game with that. Those were just great a great bonus to our van for traveling. We traveled as far as Texas, Florida and Maine in our trusty old van. It will truly be missed.

We headed out to the same dealership we had purchased the van (and two other vans and my latest car, the Ford Flex, that I love). We really had no idea what we were planning to buy. Our main goal was to find something economical, a.k.a. cheap, and fuel efficient. We looked at everything from a Ford Fiesta to a Ford Mustang. Okay, I know a Mustang was not cheap or fuel efficient - but a really cool car.

After looking at several options the van was replaced a by a cute little 2011 Ford Focus. The best feature of the Focus - well the gas mileage of course. It is currently averaging 33-34 mpg and we only have 170 mi
les on it so far. This is a little more than double the ga
s mileage of the van. Hopefully this will help offset the cost of the car. It will just take my wonderful husband some getting used to. He will probably miss the van more than any of us.

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Nicholas said...

Bye bye van, hello car!