Saturday, March 5, 2011

Coupon Workshop Part 2

Here are just a few things I have learned couponing. I will be happy to help anyone get started or organized. It can be a little overwhelming.

  • Decide it is work the time - if not don't go any farther - stop now
  • Decide if you want use lots of coupons or just a select few - like diapers and detergents
  • Once you decide you want to go big - get a binder with pocket dividers and baseball card slots
  • If you want to start small -get an accordion file
  • Get the Sunday paper, and have a friend save you theirs
  • Clip your coupons each week - don't get behind - you will feel overwhelmed
  • Check the sale papers and see what's a good deal and you have a matching coupon
  • Print coupons off the web - there are many great sites - send me a message and I can send you my favorites
  • If you are on Facebook follow some saving or frugal type pages
  • Visit more than one store for sales - I usually shop two
  • Know the store coupon policy - some double, some take competitior coupons as well
  • Visit websites of people who match sales with coupons currently out there
  • Be realistic - some weeks you will save major money and some you won't
  • Most of all, do it because you enjoy it - or you won't stick with it
I am not sure any of this will help you, but know I have saved about 50% on my grocery bill the past two months. Some weeks I have save 75% some like this week only about 34%. I am okay with a 34% week. Many of this week's purchases never go on sale and never have coupons - but that doesn't mean we don't need them.

Happy couponing!

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Finn said...

Couponing is a great mystery to me. I want to do it but I haven't so far found that I'm patient enough or, probably the bigger issue, organized enough!