Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time is flying by

I can't believe it is the end of January. Time is passing so quickly it seems. I am trying to cherish every moment of helping my daughter plan her wedding.

In less than 5 months she will walk down the isle. I hope to make this big event everything she wants it to be. We have many of the plans complete - now to just make those plans happen.

Mission for the week - order the invitations. I think she has them all ready to order -but they will get one more look before we click on "add to my cart".

I just can't imagine how she grew up to be such a great woman - I know I was watching - but how did it happy so quickly?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Snow is predicted again tonight. I hope it does if for no other reason but I love the pureness of the new fallen snow. If it doesn't snow, well, that's no big deal either. The rain we are receiving will help the water table.

With all the new social media sites, 24/7 news stations, constant text messages available from local news and weather stations - it seems we are a society obsessed with the weather. There are those who don't want it to snow again and those who wish it would snow a foot. It really doesn't matter what we want - we aren't in control.

I love all types of weather - I guess that makes me seems strange to some people. I love the heat of summer as much as the cold of winter. I love the smell of rain and the light touch of snowflakes falling.

I just wish people would quit complaining about the weather - we can't change it - we must learn to accept it and be thankful for it.

This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Night of Savings

After a day of being snowed in, it was time to head out for an adventure. So, after dinner my wonderful husband and daughter headed off shopping with me. I had my coupons in tow.

With wedding in our daughter's near future, savings is the new name of the game. We want her wedding to be amazing and everything she wants. She and I have clipped coupons, watched for sales and watched every clearance bin we can find. We are doing quite well. I am sure this fact makes dad very happy, he just won't admit it.

Here is a little run down of our savings for the night.

Hobby Lobby, supplies for favors, coupon, 7.88 spent, 5.25 saved
JoAnn Fabrics, supplies for favors, coupon, 6.49 spent, 2.73 saved
JC Penny's, Bride's shoes, clearance find, 8.74 spent ,35.15 saved
Hallmark Store, card, rewards certificate , .94 spent, 1.98 saved
Bath & Body Works, hostess gifts, coupon, 1.09 spent, 8.23 saved
Publix, groceries, coupons & store sales, 21.29 spent, 35.15 saved

Totals 47.11 spent 88.52 saved

That is approximately a 65% savings! I can honestly say we did not purchase one thing that was not needed or extravagant. Hope this inspires someone else to use a coupon, watch for sales, or check out a clearance sale.

Almost forgot, my savings doesn't include the four rolls of Christmas wrapping paper for daughter to have next year. The four rolls were each $4.99 originally - on sale for $0.49 each! We love 90% off clearance.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coupon crazy - updated

One of my new year goals was to take advantage of coupons, free samples and other offers. My coupons were bulging in my plastic organizer. I decided it was time for a coupon organization intervention.

I spent 9.98 plus tax to get organized. I recycled a binder here at the house and purchased two packages of baseball card protectors for three ring binders. Oh, and about an hour of time organizing them.

I found a free coupon workshop to be held on February 7th at 6:00 p.m. It will be in White House - leave me a comment if you want more information. I plan to go and would love for you to go too! If that date/time is not good for you - there is one just about every week in the Nashville or Middle Tennessee area.

I think this will not only help with shopping but with collecting coupons. I decided to organize the binder by the layout of the store I shop at most often. This seemed to work well today. All except for the two isles I had mixed up on in my mind.

So, today's outcome...well worth it.

$16.45 in manufacturer's coupons
$5.00 in doubled coupons
$35.73 in store savings

$57.18 total savings 41% off my total bill

$87.14 was my final bill.

I definitely will keep using my binder. I was able to use unplanned coupons with some amazing store sales.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

One small patch of the pond not covered in ice.
Lower pond still has several patches not frozen.
Obie is loving the patch of ground where a truck was parked.
And Reba, well she's making some yellow snow.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shopping Smarter

I have always considered myself a smart shopper. But one of my New Years goals is to become a better shopper. I am clipping coupons, matching them with sales, downloading coupons, and signing up for free samples.

I have yet to buy coupons but I haven't ruled that out yet. So far this week I have purchased toothpaste and shampoo for only the sales tax. One grocery shopping trip this week I saved 45% of my total bill. That was a personal best at the grocery for me.

My largest savings this week was at Hobby Lobby. Not only did I purchase items to make wedding favors at 50% off but I found Christmas items were 90% off. The giant wreath I wanted for the front of our barn had been $149.00. I paid $14.90 plus tax. Talk about major savings.

With a wedding in a little over 5 months for our wonderful daughter, I am sure all those savings will be put to good use.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today has been one of those days that make me realize how precious friendships can be. I am thankful to have several close friends. There are four women that I count as true gifts! I have talked to or been with them all today. That helps make what could be looked at as a bad day - a good day. To me, any day fill with friends is a good day!

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