Thursday, April 9, 2009

You would think it was Christmastime

Busy is the only way to explain the next 6 weeks in our lives. You would think the month of December is your busiest of the year, that is unless you have an overactive senior. I had forgotten how busy a senior year is, but I think this year is worse than two years ago.

Greenbrier has a few more graduation "activities" than Sycamore did. The next few weeks are filled with: more scholarship essays, a recognition dinner, a scholarship acceptance banquet (in Knoxville), Senior Walk, Senior Prom, Awards Night, Senior Reception, Baccalaureate Service, oh and graduation and a party.

Today my sister called to see if I would be interested in a weekend get-a-way some friends are planning for her. This would be to help celebrate the end of her chemo treatments. This would all be along with everything else going on - hopefully planting a garden, if the weather will cooperate. Landscaping along the front porch. Celebrating Mother's Day.

How I love to be busy, it makes me feel alive. I can't complain, we are so happy to see our baby graduate. Sad to see her growing up so quickly, but oh so proud of her. We only wish her the best as she takes the next step of her life.

She has come so far from that tiny baby we were so worried about that snowy, icy night she made her grand entrance. We should have known she would make a huge impact on life when at only 3 pounds and 3 ounces and 3 months early she was born crying at the top of her lungs. Watch out world - here comes our baby.......