Friday, March 20, 2009


I love change, most of the time. I am excited that we are getting new floors. The living room and two bedrooms should be hardwood by this time next week. Today I picked up 40 boxes of 4" oak flooring. I can hardly wait. I am wishing some moving fairy would come and help move out all the furniture.

There is one upside to this, we are staying in a hotel while it is being installed. Makes things so much easier. No having to impose of someone else, or having to function around "stuff" while everyone goes to work or school.

I am also sad about change, with my baby a senior and knowing her life will soon change forever. I know she is looking at four more years of school, but college just isn't the same. She has grown into a very special young woman, of whom I am very proud.

She was overjoyed today with scholarship notices arriving in the mail today. As of today, she will be able to attend college for free, at least her freshman year. She will also be getting money back each semester. She still has scholarships she has not heard from yet.

Change always has positives and negatives. We must learn to accept them all. Change is how we grow and we must always continue to grow, or else we begin to wither.

I wish you all growth. May we all be inspired by the new growth we see as spring is around us.