Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just us

It seemed summer vacation would never arrive and then it seemed to be gone in the blink of an eye. It was such a pleasure to spend quality time away with both of our children. We were really thankful they could both go with us on vacation.

It is just a few days until we have another week off from work, just my wonderful husband and I. Our son is back at work and daughter has stared her second year of college. This week off will be totally different from our July vacation, it's just the two of us. We have always tried to spend time each year getting away - just us - no kids. This is has been very successful for us.

It started when our son was just 6 weeks old. My mother came by after work one Friday and STOLE my baby. Well, not really, she had my husband's permission. She had planned to take him for a few hours so we could go enjoy a quiet dinner alone for our anniversary. Little did I know those two plotted against me for her to keep him the entire night.

As I look back those 22 years ago, that was very wise of my mom. It was a long night for me away from my new baby, but was good for our marriage. Each year she and my sister were very willing to offer that type of free babysitting anytime we wanted to alone time.

Well, the kids are long past needing sitters, so getting away is easier and guilt free now!

See you when we are back!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A very proud Mama

I am proud of both of my children for many different reasons but one touch my heart again yesterday. He actually gave me cold chills.

While attending the Cheatham County Fair I was able to witness him raising the flag with a fellow soldier before the arena event. The event of the night was a rootin' tootin' rodeo. In true southern fashion, before the event could begin the flag would be raised, the Star Spangled Banner played and a word of prayer for the riders, the horses and our men in uniform.

The organizers of the rodeo asked members of the Army National Guard to raise the flag. My son was one of the ones who volunteers. I am sure you would like to see photos - but there aren't any. There are two reasons for this - first I was too far away to get a good snapshot and second, I just stood in amazement of the feeling this gave me.

He stood tall and proud for his country. I am very proud of him and all of his comrades who protect us day in and day out around the world. My prayers are for them to stay safe and for those who are away to return home soon.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nice to be rescued

Tonight driving on the interstate, my "low tire pressure" light came on. This is the first car I have new enough to have those sensors. The car drove just fine, but wanting to be safe, I stopped at the next exit - just to make sure it wasn't too low.

Once I checked the tires - I realized three were great and one wasn't low - it was FLAT! Now I was wishing I had stopped when the light first came on - about a mile earlier - on the side of the interstate - but just hoping I hadn't driven too far on a flat tire. Amazingly, my car drove as smooth as ever, good thing it had that new sensor feature.

The best part of the night was when hubby found out I was at a service station 6 miles from home, he said for me to stop changing my tire, he was on the way. Best news of the night! He is always there to rescue me from whatever mess I seem to get myself into. Not only did he change my tire, but sent me on my way in his truck and he drove my car home on what we call a donut!

Now, if only I can convince my son, who is off tomorrow, that he needs to take my tire to be repaired......

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hissing and Spewing

When you get the call that your hot water heater is heating and spewing - you know it isn't a good day. Luckily our daughter came home and found the leaking water heater not long after it began leaking. She was able to shut off the water and turn the power off to the water heater. After a couple of phone calls, a plumber promised to have us a new one installed before the night was out. We are so thankful for friends who are tradesmen.

Strangely, this led to my spices being alphabetically organized. Our microwave WAS on the hot water heater - it had to be moved. Since we remodeled the kitchen (nearly 3 years ago) we now have cabinet the microwave will fix on - it just never made it there. This meant the counter tops needed reorganizing. This lead to putting some things in the cabinets - which were in need of a good straightening. Once all the spices and seasoning were out of the cabinet - the only logical way I could find to put them back was alphabetically.

Those who know me might find this totally out of the ordinary for me - to be organized - but it seems I am becoming more that way as I get older. A couple years ago my closet became organized by jeans, slacks, capris, tops, skirts then dresses. Not only by type - but by colors - and length. I never thought 3 years ago I would keep it that way - but I have and have organized by hubby's as well.

Thankfully, about 5 hours after the first hissing and spewing we have hot water, clean counters and organized spices.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back to reality

Summer was busy, hot and full of memories. Now, I must jump back in reality and get back to helping our daughter plan her wedding. It is now just a little over 10 months away. Things to do before the end of August....
  • Reserve tables and chairs
  • Meet with photographer
  • Order (and hopefully send) the save the date notifications

Doesn't sound like much - but the month is packed full of little extras.

  • Planning a bridal tea for daughters friend
  • Daughter starts back to school
  • Cater a a rehearsal dinner for friends
  • Plan a girl's weekend away in the fall with friends

My life wouldn't seem normal if their weren't extras to do all the time. I guess that is why I enjoyed vacation so much with hubby and the kids - none of the little extra's to do.

Happy August1

Tuesday, August 3, 2010