Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A very proud Mama

I am proud of both of my children for many different reasons but one touch my heart again yesterday. He actually gave me cold chills.

While attending the Cheatham County Fair I was able to witness him raising the flag with a fellow soldier before the arena event. The event of the night was a rootin' tootin' rodeo. In true southern fashion, before the event could begin the flag would be raised, the Star Spangled Banner played and a word of prayer for the riders, the horses and our men in uniform.

The organizers of the rodeo asked members of the Army National Guard to raise the flag. My son was one of the ones who volunteers. I am sure you would like to see photos - but there aren't any. There are two reasons for this - first I was too far away to get a good snapshot and second, I just stood in amazement of the feeling this gave me.

He stood tall and proud for his country. I am very proud of him and all of his comrades who protect us day in and day out around the world. My prayers are for them to stay safe and for those who are away to return home soon.

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Anonymous said...

What a great experience. Congratulations on raising such wonderful kids!