Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vacation Plans

Hubby and I enjoyed last year's vacation the week of Labor Day so well we scheduled that week off again this year. The weather looked to be nice again this year for that week - but still on the warm side.

We talked about a return trip to our favorite beach - Tybee Island and also mentioned just staying around the house. We have been to San Antonio this year and back to Savannah and Tybee Island. We had found a condo on the beach in Tybee Island to rent, but Hurricane Earl was headed that way. That made us a little nervous about planning a week there.

On a whim, I check a couple of internet travel sites for last minute deals. One showed a cruise out of New Orleans the week we were off at what sounded like a too good to be true deal. I headed on over to the actual Carnival Cruise site and found it was legit. After a quick call to Carnival to verify no hidden charges the plan was on to talk my husband into a cruise.

We have debated for years if we would like a cruise. We decided for the price we really couldn't go wrong - unless we both got sea sick. Just like that within 7 days of leaving port we booked a cruise. Luckily we both had passports - that made traveling at the last minute so much easier.

The only really scary part was the first morning in New Orleans. More about that later.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A rare occasion

Our current family of four all made it to dinner together last night. The occasion was to celebrate my birthday - it isn't for another couple of days - but this was the time everyone's schedule was open. We opted for a casual dinner at Chili's.

My frugal daughter learned that by checking in on Four Square and showing your server your check in - you receive free chips and salsa. A great deal!

We also enjoyed some Texas Cheese Fries as you can see from the empty pan!

It was good to have both kids there for a change.