Thursday, November 20, 2008


I just can't wait for the holidays to get here! I am just as bad about this as I was when I was younger. I love Thanksgiving, the parades, the football, the food, and the planning the route for shopping on Friday.

I love shopping the day after Thanksgiving, well that may be an understatement, like a huge understatement. That day is more than just shopping, it is an adventure. I don't remember getting out that day when I was young, this tradition/addiction started after I was married. I am the mother who has drug her children out of the bed at 4:00 am in 25 degree weather to stand in line, for what you ask, well the what doesn't really matter it is all about doing.

The kids think it is just the thing you do after eating way too much turkey the day before. We have learned so much through the years, which location of stores to go to, which entrance to use. This has evolved over the years, we learn a little more with each year's excursion. We even tag team sometimes. We call other faithful shoppers we know that are out and see if they are near a store we wish to make a purchase from. I would say teamwork has been a lifeskill my children have learned during these trips - well it sounds good anyway.

This year will be no different, I have already been doing my research. "Black Friday" has been in my Google box more than once this year. Most ads are posted by now and I do have a plan. Opry Mills - 5:00 am, Staples 6:00 am, Rivergate Mall - 6:30 am, Opry Mills after that.

This year my main partner in crime will by my sister. We have never been "together" on that day - we have crossed paths most times, but we are going to be joined at the hip this year I think. Actually, I think I have been tricked into being the chauffeur and bag carrier. Hey don't those people get good tips? Just a thought.

Everyone be safe that day, mad women like me and my sister will be out that day.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Home at last

Home is such a wonderful place, so calming and relaxing. Today my sister returned home, from that dreaded place, the hospital. She looked very relaxed sitting in the recliner this afternoon.

No matter where we go - the best place to go is always home. We welcome time away at the beach, the mountains, visiting family, but the best part of the trip is always returning home. We find ourselves at peace there, we can just be ourselves.

Maybe we love home because it reminds us of family. Either the family there with us or those from our past. Anyway - I am thankful my sister is now home and they I too am home now, enjoying time with family.