Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wedding excitement

I have always knowing my children would grow up and one day marry, but one of those days is getting closer to becoming a reality. The date June 18, 2011, sounded so far off when it was planned back in December of 2009, now not so far away.

Plans happening everywhere I look. Wedding bands were ordered by the happy couple this past week. One is already in and is beautiful! Invitations should be here in about a week. Flower girls dresses are being made. One ring bearer's outfit located - just need to confirm a size. Probably the biggest excitement - the first dress fitting is just around the corner.

This is one of those times when I remember to be thankful for friends. A couple of great friends recently offered to take a time consuming task off my hands. Such great treasures friends are! Other friends have offered to help the day before and the day of the big event. I have learned - it takes a small army to pull off a wedding - well that or a small fortune. I am thankful to have an army of friends!

Now, if I could only remember what else I am forgetting to do for this wedding......

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Great Find

One of the envelopes we received a Christmas card in this year really caught my eye. It had the most unusual return address design on it. It was a circle shape with the couple's last name in the center with their actual address listed on an outer circle.

After talking to the blushing bride in our house - we decided we would love a similar style stamp for her use on her invitations. It would be a way to add her accent color to the invitations and all of the thank you notes she writes.

Being the techie geeks we are - we turned to the internet to find where to order these type cool stamps. That really didn't work well. We found 4 local retailers that supposedly carried these stamps. The first three were out of business and the last - well they really didn't want our business. In our frustration - we commented on our wild goose chase on Twitter.

Amazingly, within minutes I had a response from one of my followers - actually a coworker in another city. He knew where I needed to look for my stamp. Just a few electronic communications later we had this design.

You too can have one of these cool stamps! Just check out Idigitalscrap for all the other cools things she can design for you. The designs are endless, and best of all, custom made for you! We could not be happier with our stamp.

Friday, February 18, 2011


This week was a sad time for our family. It was time for a memory filled out building to be torn down at our house. This building had three sections - each with its own name and purpose. It consisted of the "wash house", "wood house" and "coal house". I am sure there are many that remember when each served the purpose of their names.

I remember when we moved here in 2007 there was still coal stored in one section and wood stored in another. I cannot imagine how many coal scuttle's have been filled out of that faithful old building nor how many ricks of wood have been house in the other section.

Now as for the area called the wash house - I don't ever remember Grandmother Grubbs washing clothes out there. I am every so thankful to only remember washing machines in which to launder clothes.

In recent years the building was where you went when you need any bolt, nut, screw, nail, brad, staple or maybe even a plug to put in an old foot tub. Most of those items were stored in a re-purposed containers. There were countless old baby food jars, empty coffee cans or handmade wooden boxes.

The reality was that though it was full of memories, and such a part of us - was falling down. You could see into it from most any angle from the missing boards. So, for safety's sake, my husband had the sad task of tearing it down. There is now a void where memories once stood - but the great thing of about memories - is no one can take those from us.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birthday Girl

Today is one of those days I have looked forward to all week. I think we miss being excited about each day and the joy it can bring us. Today is the day my sister and I will celebrate my mother's birthday with her. Mother's actual birthday is not until Monday, February 14th.

That day is very fitting to be my mother's birthday. She has such a love of life and of those around her. She is strong, courageous, brave, loving, giving, patient, kind, diligent, understand, and the list could go on and on.

I am very thankful for my mother and I look forwarding to spending the day with her! Happy Birthday Mom.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Another snow

I can't believe we have snow again today. I really didn't think the 3" of snow was expected. I am just thankful to make it home safe and sound. Hope everyone enjoys the beauty and stays safe.

Now - if all those school kids will stop wishing for sn
ow and doing all those things they believe will bring the snow. So, no more wearing pj's inside out, putting the white crayon in the freezer or flushin
g ice cubes kids.

I keep checking the fence beside the driveway for my buttercups to peak through the ground. I know they will soon.....