Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Great Find

One of the envelopes we received a Christmas card in this year really caught my eye. It had the most unusual return address design on it. It was a circle shape with the couple's last name in the center with their actual address listed on an outer circle.

After talking to the blushing bride in our house - we decided we would love a similar style stamp for her use on her invitations. It would be a way to add her accent color to the invitations and all of the thank you notes she writes.

Being the techie geeks we are - we turned to the internet to find where to order these type cool stamps. That really didn't work well. We found 4 local retailers that supposedly carried these stamps. The first three were out of business and the last - well they really didn't want our business. In our frustration - we commented on our wild goose chase on Twitter.

Amazingly, within minutes I had a response from one of my followers - actually a coworker in another city. He knew where I needed to look for my stamp. Just a few electronic communications later we had this design.

You too can have one of these cool stamps! Just check out Idigitalscrap for all the other cools things she can design for you. The designs are endless, and best of all, custom made for you! We could not be happier with our stamp.


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I love that! Very cute. I love to scour the Internet for unusual finds.

Beth said...

We used those on our invitations...except we stamped seals. We looooved them :) Good luck!