Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas To Us

This year instead of buying gift for each other for Christmas and Anniversary (24 years!) we decided to make over our daughter's old bedroom. Since downsizing houses 4 years ago we have been short on entertaining space. We miss the size and roominess of our old house - but there is just something special living the home my husband's grandparents raised their family in. We feel very fortunate to both have childhood memories of this home. We found furniture in November and an ultra-cool ottoman. We had decided to wait a while before purchasing a television for the room - but after find a good sale we went ahead and purchased it too. I am so pleased with how the room turned out. I will would like to find a couple more accent pieces for the walls, but other than that - here it is.....

Friday, December 23, 2011

All grown up

Sleeting - that is what it was doing 21 years ago. Or, so they tell me, I was not allowed outside. But I did receive a wonderful early Christmas present. Our wonderful daughter thought December was a better month to be born that her scheduled March. I have told her many times, she will do just about anything for a Christmas present. She is a daughter any mother would be proud of. Happy Birthday to my wonder, loving, caring, and all grown up daughter!

Catch up time

I feel so behind in blogging. But with a few days off maybe I will catch up. We spent a few days in the mountains recently. The time was full of excitement - the trip was in celebration of our 24th anniversary, our friends who joined us celebrated their 18th anniversary, and our son proposed to a very sweet girl AND she said yes! We are so blessed our son has found the girl of his dreams. She is such a sweet and kind person. We think she will make a great addition to our family. And the best thing about this wedding is we are the parents of the groom! Woo Hoo - not the parents of the bride this time. This should be so much easier. Oh, and for those who attended our daughter's wedding this summer - you will be glad to hear that the newly engaged couple plans to get married INDOOORS! Let's just hope they don't change their minds. Here are a couple of pictures from the big weekend in the mountains. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011