Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Cake

Tomorrow morning my daughter, the bride to be, and I will go meet with the 'cake lady'. We are excited to cross another thing off our wedding list. The bride has definite ideas about how she wants her cake. Must be square, smooth, have black and blue ribbon and a piped monogram. And the ever traditional bride she is - it will be white cake and white frosting. She had wanted fondant - but the lady making the cake only does butter cream frosting. Oh pooh,(not!).

For the groom's cake - he has two wishes. 1 - Yellow Cake 2 - Chocolate Frosting. Sounds like he will be an easy one to please.

Or at least this is in the plans now, who knows what we will decide tomorrow. Will keep you posted. If this goes as easy as ordering the dress - it will only take 5 minutes.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

VBS Snacks

Down on the farm is the theme for our VBS this year. One lady found a photo in a magazine for the cutest little lambs. Another sweet lady at church asked if there was anything she could make for snacks or help with - major mistake of asking.....I told her 'sure, I had a cute snack idea'.

She willingly made 20 of these cute little things. She is such a great giver of her time and talents. We should all learn something from people like that. I just hope she offers another time and I didn't scare her off by asking such a big favor

The kids loved the little lambs!

Monday, June 7, 2010

A beautiful bride

I watched an amazing couple vow to spend a lifetime together. The daughter of one of my very best friends was married this weekend. Had I not been so busy arranging flowers, decorating the outdoor wedding area, setting up tables and chairs, arranging table clothes, setting out candles, making tea, lemonade and pasta salad, oh and making sure 400 guests were fed, I would have taken a picture of two. Never took the first picture - but many others did and I hope to get some copies.

It was a very busy but exciting weekend. So happy for the new couple, hope they are enjoying their honeymoon.

Just about 53 more weeks until my baby walks down the isle. Good thing that dress was ordered last month.