Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fried Peach Pies

Oh doesn't that just bring back memories. I made a batch of those wonderful little things this past weekend. My wonderful husband ate every one of them. He ate four when he came in the door from work on Saturday.

It is funny how some things we are always baking, like brownies and cupcakes. But we meringue pies, real banana pudding and fried pies. I can remember my mother frying up a whole stack of apple pies when I was younger. We would put a confectionery sugar and milk frosting on ours. My husband's family like apple and peach. Peach being his favorite.

This summer I was lucky enough to be given several Red Haven peaches and thought then of peach cobbler! YUM! I made one of those a few months ago, in the "peach cobbler bowl" his grandmother always used. This time, I made what he prefers, the fried pies.

It is so nice to make something for someone who seems enjoy them so much. His eyes just lit up when I made those. Making those for him also brought back many memories for me of frying pies with my mother and also with his grandmother.

Fried peach pies were a hit.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Mother

Today is my mother's birthday. As my cousin reminds us - it is one of those milestone birthays. My cousin, my mother, my uncle, another aunt, another cousin and I were all born in years ending in 9. So, yes this is the year I turn 40 - not bothering me yet.

I think about all that my mother means to me and I just can't comprehend everything she is. She is so much to so many! But most of all I think about her strength. I see now how strong she was that year my dad was sick and they next few years raising a teenager alone. She did it without ever letting me see how hard it was.

She is true inspiration to me and I don't think I will every be the woman she is! Happy birthday mom!