Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nice to be rescued

Tonight driving on the interstate, my "low tire pressure" light came on. This is the first car I have new enough to have those sensors. The car drove just fine, but wanting to be safe, I stopped at the next exit - just to make sure it wasn't too low.

Once I checked the tires - I realized three were great and one wasn't low - it was FLAT! Now I was wishing I had stopped when the light first came on - about a mile earlier - on the side of the interstate - but just hoping I hadn't driven too far on a flat tire. Amazingly, my car drove as smooth as ever, good thing it had that new sensor feature.

The best part of the night was when hubby found out I was at a service station 6 miles from home, he said for me to stop changing my tire, he was on the way. Best news of the night! He is always there to rescue me from whatever mess I seem to get myself into. Not only did he change my tire, but sent me on my way in his truck and he drove my car home on what we call a donut!

Now, if only I can convince my son, who is off tomorrow, that he needs to take my tire to be repaired......

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