Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Night of Savings

After a day of being snowed in, it was time to head out for an adventure. So, after dinner my wonderful husband and daughter headed off shopping with me. I had my coupons in tow.

With wedding in our daughter's near future, savings is the new name of the game. We want her wedding to be amazing and everything she wants. She and I have clipped coupons, watched for sales and watched every clearance bin we can find. We are doing quite well. I am sure this fact makes dad very happy, he just won't admit it.

Here is a little run down of our savings for the night.

Hobby Lobby, supplies for favors, coupon, 7.88 spent, 5.25 saved
JoAnn Fabrics, supplies for favors, coupon, 6.49 spent, 2.73 saved
JC Penny's, Bride's shoes, clearance find, 8.74 spent ,35.15 saved
Hallmark Store, card, rewards certificate , .94 spent, 1.98 saved
Bath & Body Works, hostess gifts, coupon, 1.09 spent, 8.23 saved
Publix, groceries, coupons & store sales, 21.29 spent, 35.15 saved

Totals 47.11 spent 88.52 saved

That is approximately a 65% savings! I can honestly say we did not purchase one thing that was not needed or extravagant. Hope this inspires someone else to use a coupon, watch for sales, or check out a clearance sale.

Almost forgot, my savings doesn't include the four rolls of Christmas wrapping paper for daughter to have next year. The four rolls were each $4.99 originally - on sale for $0.49 each! We love 90% off clearance.

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