Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shopping Smarter

I have always considered myself a smart shopper. But one of my New Years goals is to become a better shopper. I am clipping coupons, matching them with sales, downloading coupons, and signing up for free samples.

I have yet to buy coupons but I haven't ruled that out yet. So far this week I have purchased toothpaste and shampoo for only the sales tax. One grocery shopping trip this week I saved 45% of my total bill. That was a personal best at the grocery for me.

My largest savings this week was at Hobby Lobby. Not only did I purchase items to make wedding favors at 50% off but I found Christmas items were 90% off. The giant wreath I wanted for the front of our barn had been $149.00. I paid $14.90 plus tax. Talk about major savings.

With a wedding in a little over 5 months for our wonderful daughter, I am sure all those savings will be put to good use.

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BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Do you ever read Kelly at Faithful Provisions or Sami Cone? They are both from Nashville and are BIG BIG savings/coupon blogs. Jessica from The Mom Creative also posts a lot of deals from time to time.
I am a great sale shopper. I never pay full price for anything!

I always like to buy one or two Christmas decorations on major clearance each year. I bought an adorable frame at Cracker Barrel this year and a Noel sign from Dollar General of all's really cute.