Saturday, March 5, 2011

Coupon Workshop Part 1

If you have been following my blog, you know I have made an extra effort this year to take advantage of coupons. I intent is to be more purposeful with our family's money. I noticed a post on a friend's wall on Facebook a few weeks ago about a free coupon workshop she had attended and recommended to everyone. I looked the website for the presenter and found she would be in my area in February. I signed up and singed up a good friend too.

As you know, we have seen our fair share of snow this winter and the workshop was snowed out. Not to fear, she rescheduled for this past week. So, my frugal friend and I headed off on night this past week - pumped up to be filled with new knowledge on how to use our coupons more wisely.

The presenter shared her story of why she couponed and how much savings she reaps from her work. She claims she only spends an hour of week on couponing, a fact we find hard to believe. She purchases 10! Sunday papers each week and clips all the coupons from them. She might just spend a hour - but I would imagine she utilizes her 6 kids for that same hour. She does shop multiple stores and matches up sales to the coupons. This would also have to had time to her week. But maybe she is superwoman and can get all this done in an hour. If so, she didn't share those secrets.

Everything else she shared in the workshop was not new knowledge to me. She might have shared something I wasn't aware of - but considering she was talking 90mph the entire night - I probably just missed it. (It could have been the two kids behind us kicking our chairs that distracted us.)

I went eager to learn and left feeling let down. I don't mean for this post to be a gripe session - just more of a we don't always find what we seek. It has taught me a little more patience and endurance. I will continue to seek more coupon knowledge. There is another workshop by another presenter in our area again soon and I hope to attend it.

Next post will be about some of the things I have learned the past two months I have dedicated a little extra time to couponing.

PS - Coupons are available for more than just groceries. Last night we ate dinner with a coupon and took advantage of 1/2 price appetizer time. Saved $13.77 on our total bill - three members of our family ate for $28.42, two ate shrimp and one ate grilled chicken.

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Danielle said...

I completely understand that. I'm excited and nervous about tomorrow at work. I have a lady coming to teach my clients how to save using coupons. I really hope they are able to learn and utilize the info. I also hope that I'm able to do the same.