Saturday, March 6, 2010

A nice change of pace

Last week we were able to take a short road trip to see our son who is currently stationed at Fort Sam Houston. The weather was amazing. Short sleeves and flip flop weather.

It was a nice time just traveling in the truck and being with each other. Surprisingly we didn't listen to the radio the most of the way. I finished a novel I was reading withing the first 100 miles and began another novel I had brought for the trip.

In an absence of mind decision, I agreed to read the book aloud. Yes, you heard me right...aloud. The book was Dear John. We also went to see the movie while we were gone. The book was great, and I think the movie was too. Remember the absence of mind, well it hit again. Hubby and I went to see the movie together. He had never read a book and seen a movie of the same book. Every few minutes you know what I heard...that's not the way it was, it was his brother in the book, or what about the wreck?

Back to our trip, the city was so nice. I had never visited San Antonio before. It was not a disappointment. It was everything my husband had told me it was and more. We enjoyed our hotel, the Riverwalk, the Alamo, and most of all time with our son. We are anxiously awaiting his return home.

While we are excited for him to be home safe and sound our thoughts and prayers are with his home unit each day. His unit is currently on active duty in Iraq, he missed the deployment by just a few months.


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I would love to visit San's one of those cities on my must see list.

Hope your son's unit continues to be safe.

p.s. OK am a tad ENVIOUS of the flip flops mention.... ;)

Becca said...

Praise God he missed the deployment! It is still so weird to read "278th is deployed" you would think after dealing with it for 7 long months it would not be but it is. In my mind Tim will come home at 5 anyday.

You are a good wife to read outload...and Dear John...even better! I loved that book and movie! I am so glad ya'll got to spend some time with Avrit. I cannot wait for him to be home with you guys again!

Lavenia Kaye said...

Becca - It doesn't seem real that they are gone already, but that means they are that much closer to being home. I just finished The Last Song and can't wait for the movie.