Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Husbands - got to love them....right?

My wonderful husband, who has always said he doesn't like doing home improvements, has the spring fix-it bug. Twice in the last two weeks he has started a non-planned project. He has the spring-work on the house fever I suppose.

He installed new plugs in our bathroom last week. This was a true need. The one and only bug in our only bathroom was in light fixture, not the best situation. I cam home from work to find drywall dust EVERYWHERE! My only request was that the next time he cut into the wall of the house, that he first move things out of the way. It makes cleaning so much easier.

So, this week, he did clean things off of my stove and counter tops before he began installing a new light switch in the kitchen. This switch controls the new light he thought would love. I admit the old light was old, or rather would be better termed vintage. The new light is nice, but being hung on the ceiling rather than on the outside decorative wood (flush with front of the cabinets) it creates a shadow on the back portion of my stove.

It is a beautiful fixture and as soon as we decide to have the kitchen painted again we will remove the old light. We discovered the painters did not paint behind the removable light!

Maybe the next time the spring - do something around the house - bug hits him, he will find the glass cleaner and wash my windows. A girl can dream can't she?

No matter what I love him more each year!

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Becca said...

Oh my my. I did not know it was THAT bad! Give him some outside projects to keep him busy and out of your kitchen!