Saturday, March 13, 2010

A gift of love

I have a very talented mother. She can cook, garden, decorate, sew, knit, and quilt. She is an excellent quilter! It is one of those things she just has the knack for. Her mother and I am sure maybe a grandmother or two were quilters. I suppose most women of their day were out of necessity.

I never got the love of sewing much less quilting. I just don't seem to have the patience for it. I like to start and finish project all in the same day or it runs the risk of never getting finished.

My mother has endless patience and stays with projects until finished. Even the cross stitch pitcher hanging in her living room she said she thought she would never finish!

This past week she gave me her latest accomplishement. She has made me several quilts and each one holds special memories. One of my favorites she let me help with the summer she had surgery and was limited on how much she could do outside.

This quilt reminds me of a day of with her and my sister. We attended a quilt show and I was educated on who Eleanor Burns was. She is the lady on public television making a "Quilt in a Day". (Yeah right!) I saw this quilt, Summer Porch, hanging and thought it was so pretty. After purchasing the book containing the pattern, I learned I could get Eleanor Burns to sign it.

It is a good thing I kept my mouth shut that time, I almost asked who is Eleanor Burns. But much to mom's delight she did sign her book. And the bonus, my mom made me the quilt. I am such a lucky daughter!

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Becca said...

The quilt is beautiful! Your mother showed me a picture a few week back and I feel in love with it then. I love quilts! I would love to get some of Greyson's baby clothes made into a small quilt. Did you do that with your kids stuff? This quilt will be a wonderful addition to your family and something I know Lea would love to have in 50 years!