Friday, March 26, 2010

A New Bible

I was so excited when I received my copy of the Busy Mom’s Bible by Zondervan in the mail. It was the first actual THING I had received from a blog or blog link. I had even forgot about registering for it.

As soon as I opened the box, a very familiar smell hit me. New leather! That has always been one of my favorite scents. Not only did I love the smell, but the color. Two toned pink, something fun. I think the last time I had a pink Bible I was like 6. I liked that it was small, not as big as the Bible I was currently using. So, overall an exciting afternoon.

Now about this Bible….I have told you some of my likes, here are a few more. One minute devotionals – 52 of them; five minute and 10 minute study prompts; amazing concordance, and study topic sections are all a hit in my book. The maps aren’t bad either. Only a couple of issues with it. The print is a tad bit small for this 40 year old mom (or my arms are too short) and the New International Version is nice, but I prefer the New King James Version. I just can’t get used to the book after Ecclesiastes being called “Song of Songs”.

No matter what the smell, color, size of font, fancy maps or study helps - it really comes down to the word of God. As long as I am blessed enough to be able to read and study God’s word freely I feel truly blessed. The Bible will lead me to be the Christian God would want me to be, but I must remember to use it each and every day. Most of all we must live God’s word because we as Christians are some people’s only view of God and the Bible.

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