Saturday, April 10, 2010

Car Shopping

We are car shopping. Well I guess I should say I am car shopping. My car is now 6 years old, it has served me well, but it is time for a change. It is nice, as a car goes, and I really thought I wanted a car 6 years ago, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I knew I wanted something smaller than the full size conversion van (which we still own and runs amazing after 11 years!) and smaller than our full size four door truck.

It had been several years since we had owned an actual car. There are many things I love about the car. The ease of parking, the great fuel mileage, the really smooth ride are just a few. I do miss sitting up just a little higher and having a little more room all around.

So, we are car shopping, or as we call it in our house - being fed to the vultures. Dealerships are so funny, either they are attacking you the minute you step out of your car or you have to hunt a salesperson down. No one wants you to leave until you have bought the best car on the market today - you know the one they are selling.

We/I continue to shop. Back to test drive a couple of cars for the second time today. I shall miss my old car - you know the one that is paid for......

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