Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You win some you lose some

I have been so excited every since The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook was first publicized. Her recipes always are so mouth watering. I cherish my signed copy of her book. She makes each dish look scrumptious.

I have tried a few of her recipes from the cookbook – with great success. The homemade biscuits are so light and fluffy. I did make one change – I truly believe a good biscuit is made with Whole Buttermilk, not the low fat that you commonly see, nor with the soured milk you make by adding vinegar to what we southerners call ‘sweet milk’. I have made her version of twice baked potatoes. The family fell instantly in love with those.

Meatloaf – oh how we love meatloaf in our house. The family has never been displeased with the one I make, a recipe handed down from my mother. But, have you seen the PW’s? It is wrapped in bacon! BACON, the wonder food. Can’t say as if I have ever had bacon added to anything that I didn’t like. So, I followed the recipe, wrapped my meatloaf in wonderfully thick country style bacon and set my meatloaf to baking.

The aroma was unlike anything else. It was like knowing the best thing you would ever eat was just an hour away. The entire house smelled wonderful from the meatloaf and the bacon. Oh, we could hardly wait. After the first bite, we knew – two out of three ain’t bad. Not wanting to be unkind, they said things like: it’s okay, yours is really good, something is defiantly different. I knew right then, it is back to MY meatloaf. Maybe this weekend we will have one.

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Becca said...

You are so funny! I stick at trying new recipes so my hats off to you! I am a tad jealous about the cookbook though. I really wanted, begged is more like it...for one for Christmas but no luck. Guess I just need to buy one!