Saturday, January 2, 2010

Outside my box

I love to cook, my family loves to eat - great combination. The only problem is like so many people I get in a rut of cooking the same things over and over. I decided to work outside my box this past week. First making Twice Baked Potatoes - out the the wonderfully addictive The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Those were a instant hit with the family.

Being the adventurous person I am, I thought I would try a second new adventure. We were invited to an annual New Year's Eve party with friends. I wanted to take something different this year. I remember my hubby loves stuffed mushrooms. I had never made stuffed mushrooms, nor did I know of anyone who had. So, off the the computer I went. I made two types - because I could not decide which sounded better. I made Stuffed Mushrooms #1 and Stuffed Mushrooms #2.

Mushrooms #1 were my favorite, with hot sausage and cream cheese. But the much easier Mushrooms #2 with sharp cheddar and bacon we my hubby's favorite. Almost all were eaten on New Year's Eve. All I can say is I hope no one else went to our local Wal-Mart on New Year's Eve wanting mushrooms, I bought 5 of the 6 pounds they had in stock.

Since the potatoes and mushrooms were successful, I think I might try the bacon wrapped meatloaf next.....

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BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

The stuffed mushrooms sound delish!

I know what you mean about getting in a cooking rut. Tonight we are having salad (darn holiday weight) and some yummy lobster bisque I found at Publix recently that is canned but very good (it's not cheap but it's so good.)

Of course typing this I realize that the bisque will totally cancel out the healthy salad. Oh well! ;)