Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting our wish

We all wished for snow. We wondered if it would really come. The forecasters kept changing when it would arrive, how much would accumulate, and even where it would hit the hardest. Most of us doubted it would really be those 5" they kept mentioning. But still we prepared, we stocked up on milk, bread, movies, and all the other necessary blizzard supplies.

Then it started, a little south from what was predicted. It was so exciting to see it fall and then begin to stick. Now that it has blessed us with a blanket of white for a few days, it seems everyone is ready for it to leave.

So far the snow hasn't stopped me from going or doing what was needed, so if school is closed another week - no big deal to me! Enjoy you school aged kids - go sled another day.

1 comment:

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

LOVE that top photo! Beautiful.

I must admit I'm ready for Caitlin to go back to school, though. Our snow has snow turned to a muddy mess. :(