Thursday, December 30, 2010

Major Accomplishment

Today we made great strides in the wedding plans. We found what we hope is the perfect necklace for the bride. At one of our new favorite stores, Charming Charlie, if you can dream it is there. From the subtle to the over the top bling, they have it. Somewhere in the middle we found a great drop necklace to go with her dress.
I won't post a photo of our actual purchase but she did a little modeling of their great bling.

Since we had one of the bridesmaids with us along with the mother of the groom, we decided to just see if we could find a dress for the bridesmaids. As in true shopping, when you aren't really looking for something, you find it! We actually found two great options and I think we are all in agreement of one of them. It is cute, summer and most of all, it looks comfy.

Thanks to the bride's future sister-in-law for being such a great sport of trying on dresses!

The bride even tried on a couple of dresses just for fun, we even bought a super cute dress for her to wear to a shower or tea. This is not the one we bought - this is just her, "I should still be in choir dress.")

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