Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Family time

Monday evening our power went out unexpectedly. Well, I guess when it goes it - it is never really expected. We had finished dinner, our daughter was working on corrections to a paper, nothing else really pressing planned for the evening.

In case you aren't in our area, it was really cold outside. The low Monday night was in the teens. So, power going out wasn't really a great thing. We have gas heat, but without electricity there is no fan on the heater to circulate the heat in our old farmhouse. We also use a couple of electric heaters to supplement our main heater.

After a while boredom set in. We ended up having a nice time reading. Yes, reading. With no television on I picked up King of the Road by Alex Debogorski of Ice Road Truckers. With my husband holding the flashlight, I began reading.

Sometimes we forget how much we take for granted and we forget to just spend time together. We truly enjoyed actually reading the book as a family. It was so nice, after dinner tonight we read a few more pages together.

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