Friday, December 10, 2010

Cart before the horse

Things seem a little out of sorts. We began celebrating Christmas tonight with one side of the family. We did this to coordinate with the schedule of others.

Having a daughter with a birthday two days before Christmas, we have always tried to separate the two and hold off Christmas until after her birthday. This had been the practice while I was growing up with my sister, she has a birthday early in December. We never put up our Christmas Tree until after my sister's birthday.

With our daughter, we always tried to celebrate her birthday few days early, just so she wouldn't be getting presents all in one week. We love our daughter so much and feel very lucky to have her - we just want to make her feel special! 13 more days until she is 20! Where has the time gone?


Anonymous said...

Love that you try to make the day special for her, she seems like a great girl. Love your little family as well.

Lavenia Kaye said...

Thanks Dani - that's my job - to make my kids feel special.