Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer Fun

We haven't had the typical summer fun, you know the big "V" word. There was no family vacation planned this year. We knew there just didn't seem to be time in everyone's schedule. Our kids wanted to work as much as possible. One for money during her first year of college. The other just to pay off his truck.

That does not mean we are not having a great summer. The changes I have seen in my children over the past 18 and 20 years has been amazing. They once depended on us 24/7 and we thought we had lost that during their teenage years. Lost isn't the correct description. Maybe changed is a better term.

Remarkably they still ask if it is okay to be out until this time or that. The two of them have become adults that seem to respect their parents. Not that they think their parents are "cool" or something. Oh, I am sure "cool" isn't a cool word anymore. And every time I think they are so adult acting, they get into that sibling squabble. You know the one, where the old brother and little sister ego's come out. When she says just what gets under his skin and he says mean brother like things. Afterwards, it is really kind of funny.

This summer has contained some different fun just watching another stage of our children's lives. The fall will be the major adjustment.

There have been few days our son's life that I haven't spoken to him, at least by phone. That is about to change. Not sure how often he will be able to call. But hey, there is always snail mail. He WILL get lots of letters, even if he doesn't want them. I pray those first few weeks pass quickly. He seems so ready for this new adventure. I wish him only the best!

And, watching our baby start college. So proud of her, just can't believe our tiny baby is ready to be so independent. I know she will do great, she is a very determined young lady. Just tell her she can't and boy will she can.

Summer fun can be just sitting on the front porch playing with the dogs and cats, just watching your family. Who needs a vacation? - ME! Won't be long now!

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