Saturday, June 20, 2009

Swealtering heat and wonderful memories

I must not have been thinking when I suggest our house for a family gathering on a nice hot, humid June evening. I was only thinking, lazy summer evening under the giant maple trees. Here just a couple of hours before they all get here, it is 90 degrees in the shade, 75 in the house - that is as cool as I can get it. And the humidity, well let's just say - we all know it's here.

I think back to they many summer days we visited in this house. No air conditioning running, just a couple of lone fans. The box fan on a stand and the black and silver fan on the dresser. Oh, don't touch that fan, you might cut your fingers. We were all warned of that each summer. Amazingly that old fan is still running. Right now it's running, it sits atop our refrigerator. It no longer oscillates, it hasn't done that for many years. I wonder how many years it has labored to keep this house cool.

I can remember Grandmother sitting with the windows open, fans running, sweat running too, but never complaining. Always just happy to have you come by and visit a while. Those times are now priceless to so many of us. We are thankful for every moment we sat listening to her stories of growing up, working hard and family.

Hopefully we will may some good memories today.

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