Thursday, October 30, 2008


Finishing a task is so rewarding. Tonight I have the satisfaction of knowing I have completed making my Christmas cards. I still need to update my mailing list, sign all the cards, address them, put on stamps and get them in the mail. Wow, sounds like I still have work to do, but isn't that rewarding too, knowing you have something else as a goal to strive for?

I have lots more to do! In a weak (out of my mind) moment, I was the one who persuaded my sister to send out "handmade" cards this year. What a year for that, most of you know she is having surgery next week, and well, guess who is making the cards for her to send? Oh well, just for this year, next year she can make her own or maybe make mine.

Doing something for someone else is one of my favorite things, guess that is why so much gets put on the back burner at my house. I love to do for others, it is so much for fun than say....laundry, raking leaves(maybe the kids will do that) or just basic household chores.

All I know, is I am so pleased with knowing I have completed this task. Wasn't sure it would be done before time to mail. And those who get cards from us at Christmas know, the day to mail is the day after Thanksgiving! I am not sure why, but like putting up the Christmas tree, it must be that weekend at least.

This could all be due to the fact as a child we never put up our tree or did anything "Christmasy" until after December 3rd, my sister's birthday. She wanted a birthday, then Christmas. Maybe I will wait to mail her card the day after her birthday this year. I am just glad Lea doesn't make us follow that rule, or we would not have any decorations up until Christmas Eve!

I just hope I stay this focused and on schedule for the remainder of the holiday season!

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