Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 Days

Did someone say 3 days? I feel like I should be panicking by now, but I am not. Who is this calm person, not the usual me that is for sure.

Day 3 list

* Pedicures and manicures for the Bride and me

* Deliver some items to the wedding location

* Pick up the programs (misprinted yesterday)

* Remind dress shop I will be there tomorrow

I have accomplished several extra things this week too. I just hope I am not forgetting major things to do. The one thing I can't forget is a surprise party tomorrow night. I will have to count on some great friends to pick up the slack when I leave for that party. Tomorrow afternoon will begin the major busy time at the wedding location.

Everyone have a great Wednesday. Hope you find time to attend mid-week church services. I know our family plans to make time for that.

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Donita said...

I'm getting so excited. Can't wait to see the lovely bride.