Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 Days

Oh me, it is getting closer. And, I could use a nap. Quite a bit was accomplished yesterday, but we need to make great strides today. The wedding programs are beginning to stress me out. Programs sent to the printers on Monday. Normally 24 hours for print work. Went to pick them up on Tuesday - all misprinted. Promised to reprint on Wednesday morning and call as soon as finished. I called on Wednesday afternoon - not reprinted. Would be reprinted immediately and call when ready. Well it is now Thursday morning and no phone call. I am going there first thing this morning. I still have to hand fold all 350 of them.

I refuse to let this minor hiccup spoil any of our joy this week. Just one of the reasons I planned for extra time on things.

Now to today's list.

* Cut greenery for flowers

* Dig out video camera and tripod

* Pick up her dress

* Begin arranging flowers

* Work on centerpieces some more

* Attend an unrelated surprise party

* "Visit" with the printer about the programs

* Hopefully fold the programs late tonight

Enjoy the day everyone, I plan to.

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