Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Winter Blues

I think the winter blues have it many of us. We hit them after the anticipation of Thanksgiving, the madness of Christmas, and the anticipation of the New Year. We kid our selves all during the months of November and December that everything will be better as the new year comes. We think we will have more time, we will eat better, exercise more, save money, have more time to spend with others. And then we hit the middle of January, and what happened to all those great plans.

Well, someone gets the crud, it's too cold to get outside and exercise, football parties with all those great foods, and we seem busier than ever. All those are just excuses aren't they. Okay, so maybe you are now as depressed as I am.

Well, it is time to get up and get off that soap box. Get up and do something. I have been cleaning more and doing better at small things. I am happy others around me are doing something. Someone close to our family, put on Christ last night! What better way to start the year off right. He will be my inspiration for the week.

I am going to shake these winter blues! Well, maybe my fingers and lips will still be blue some (when I am outside), since it is like 10 degrees outside.

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