Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas - when did you get here?


What day is it? December 24th? NO, can't be already - well maybe yesterday my baby turned 18! Guess it has just arrived without my being prepared. I am not sure why I am not prepared (or why I am taking a break to blog, maybe denial). So, much to do, and not sure where to start.

Let's look at today's accomplished list: hash brown casserole, sausage ball mixed up, potato salad made, 3 load of laundry folded, calls to check on the sick - my mom and my sister. *Feeling good about what is finished.* To do list: meatballs, pigs in a blanket, chocolate chip cookies, cheese dip, hang stockings, clean up kitchen and living room, go to mom's to cook dinner for them tonight, put away all that laundry, oh yeah - and have Christmas tonight with hubby and kids. * Don't feel too good anymore.*

Things I love about the holidays - (maybe this will make be feel better) - being with my husband and kids, and the rest of the family, country ham breakfast at mom's Christmas morning - even if I am the one cooking it this year, jam cake, the presents, sausage balls, the Christmas tree. Yeah, feel better now.

I begin to think of all the Christmases past - how we learn to cherish those memories. I think of my dad sitting in his recliner while we opened the gifts. He just sat there with the biggest grin, I think he loved Christmas as much as we did. All those years we drug the kids up and out so early to mom's, this year we are sleeping in a little later. We always had a wonderful Christmas - this year will be no different. Well, we are planning to eat on paper plates this year, that is a change, but with my mom and my sister sick - I am putting my foot down and am only doing so much. I don't mind cooking - but I hate to clean up. Maybe they will forgive me - but they know I am not Martha Stewart.

My wish this year is for happiness and good health for my family for 2009. We could use it! But, no matter what comes our way - we will deal with it. Merry Christmas.
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