Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day

Okay, so that is not a current picture, it is from a snow day last year. But we can always wish. Today, is a school "snow day", we had more ice than snow, and not even much of that. For me it is a sick day. My early Christmas gift was a nice case of the crud. Not really a cold, not the flu, just a good stuffy head and runny nose.

But the good part is, the kids are home today. I know,John is not in school, but work was called off for him too. Just a great day of being at home, if only Philip was home too. If only we had snow to play in. At least we have hot chocolate! Maybe I will bake some cookies too.

How fast these years of snow days have passed. This is the last year Lea will watch for her school to close. I can't really believe she will be 18 this time next week, or that John is now 20. When I was Lea's age I was planning our wedding to take place in just 3 more months, and when I was John's age, I was expecting our 2nd child.

What were we thinking? We weren't thinking and I would not change a thing! Who knows why we do what we did when we were young? We certainly didn't, but things haven't turned out so bad? John has grown up into a nice young man with a good job, he has enlisted in the National Guard, and has plans after basic training of returning to school. Lea plans to attend APSU this fall. She has become such a sweet young lady. They both have their moments, but Philip and I are very proud of them both.

Sometimes it is nice to have snow days to just sit back and enjoy life and enjoy our kids! It is okay there was no snow, we still had snowmen! We made a Krispie Kreme run last night - if you haven't had the new snowmen doughnuts - go! They are so good and put you in the holiday spirit!

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