Friday, May 20, 2011


The bride to be received a true gift from the heart this Sunday. My mother made her a beautiful quilt as a wedding gift. She will treasure it always. I treasure the many quilts I am blessed to have. I have one from Mama Trammell (my mom's mother), numerous that my mother made - one we even made together many years ago, I also have several my husband's grandmother made Grandmother Grubbs and I made one of those together as well.

I have never had the love of quilting that my mother has. I haven't given up that one day that quilting bug might bite me too. Here is a photo of the beautiful quilt my mother made for her only granddaughter's wedding.

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BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Love love the gift of a quilt. What a special gift! She will keep this forever, treasure it always and likely pass it down to her children! I have several quilts my grandmother made and they are among my prize possessions. She even made a baby quilt for me long before I was married and stored it for some day knowing she might not be here when I had babies.