Monday, July 5, 2010

$110.60 trip

So, the surprise location for a relaxing get-a-way weekend was a hit. We traveled to Manchester, where my husband went to elementary school. There are also farms there his family rented and raised dairy cows.

This was a very economical mini-vacation. Since our schedules rarely allow us two days off in a row together - we try to take advantage of those occasions and spend some quality time together. That usually requires leaving the house. Between two kids, 8 cows, 3 ducks, 3 dogs and few barn cats - there is always something to keep you busy at home.

We already had a vacation planned for the end of the month - so we needed to travel on a budget. We had a great fun-filled weekend that didn't break the budget.

None of our activities cost a dime - but were all very enjoyable. We drove around hubby's old neighborhood on Saturday evening.
Sunday we strolled around Old Stone Fort State Park, and had a close encounter with a long skinny creature. We also enjoyed the peacefulness of the water falls.

Sunday afternoon we enjoyed a relaxing swim in the hotel swimming pool and were later joined by our son. We watched a movie - hotel tv had a built in dvd player! Drove to Tim's Ford State Park and walked a portion of the trails.

While in Winchester we stayed for the hour long fireworks display. Rather shocked at how long it lasted, a real treat. On Monday, we enjoyed a back country road drive back through Shelbyville and Murfreesboro and on to Lebanon, Galatin and finally back home.

Here's a recap of how we spent 3 days and 2 nights away for only $110.60. I do know we used our hotel points - but our room would have only been approximatley $90 each night.

King Suite for 2 nights Sleep Inn & Suites $0.00 - used Choice Hotel Rewards Points - included breakfast both mornings
Refilling the tank - $32.83
Saturday dinner - Sandwiches from home
Sunday Lunch - Pizza Hut - $25.00 with tip
Sunday Dinner - Krystal - $15.00
Monday Lunch - Demos' - $25.00 with tip

Trip to Dollar Tree (forgot toothbrushes, tooth paste and nail clippers) - $4.38
Trip to Wal-Mart (forgot bug spray) $7.29
Red Box Rental - $1.10

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Becca said...

So glad that you both had a relaxing weekend together! Looks like you had a wonderful time! I love that waterfall. It looks so peaceful!