Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This house is meant to have flowers

For anyone who knew my husband's Grandmother Grubbs, they knew of her love of flowers. There were always flowers inside and outside. Violets on the bathroom window shelf to the flowers behind the kitchen table on the plant stands. There is no way of knowing how many flowers she shared through the years with friends and family. She never had a selfish heart. She was always willing to share what she had with others.

The only down side to Grandmother's flowers were when you were mowing the lawn. There were the lilac bush, snowball bush, crepe myrtles, iris, daylillies, rose bushes, the hedge, just to name a few to mow around. Oh, and the trees -apple trees, maple trees, locust tree, now gone, just to name a few.

This past week my wonderful husband added just a few more flowers for me. Actually, I purchased the flowers, he just surprised me with new pots for our rock wall. Good job sweetie.

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BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I love the old timey bushes that you don't see much any more, like the snowball bush.

I have two mums on our front porch...they always help me feel like it is officially fall!