Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apple Cake

I would have to say either Apple Cake or Jam Cake would have to be my absolute favorite cake. Both are cakes I have been blessed to enjoy my entire life, and I would imagine every year of my life. We could always count on my mother baking a couple of Apple Cakes in September and then come December she would make two Jam Cakes.

Both are moist, juicy, packed with cinnamon and only get better with age. I am fighting the temptation to eat a second piece today. The main reason for my resistance is the fact that by Wednesday it will be so much better than it is today. After sitting a few days - if it will last - it becomes just that much more moist.

Today's cake is lacking the cinnamon, due to the fact I married a man who doesn't like cinnamon. I am not sure that is even normal, that's like not liking marshmallows in your hot chocolate. You guess it - he doesn't.

Thanks to the memory packed cookbook from my mother a few years ago, I have successfully made one of her recipes "Fresh Apple Cake".

Now about those left over apples....Apple Glazed Cookies will be next.

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