Saturday, July 30, 2011

My New Job and other stuff

The main two questions I hear lately are: 1. How do you like your new job? and 2. How are the newlyweds? One of my best friends laughs at the second one as her daughter was married last year and she was repeatedly asked the same question. Now on the the answers.

The new job is fabulous! It technically is not all "new". As it is just at a new location with different coworkers. Working at the UT Extension Regional Office is more rewarding than I knew. I knew all my "new" coworkers and my job is similar to the old one - but with a few new responsibilities. I have to say it was probably my best career move ever. I am thankful for a few great friends who pushed me into pursuing that opportunity.

Now to the newlywed questions. I think they are doing great adjusting to married life. You can keep up with her over on her blog. The best thing I can say is the wedding was beautiful and I think it was just what she wanted - but the best part is it is OVER!

Our son is just finishing his second week of his two weeks of active duty with the Army National Guard summer drill, I am not sure what it is actually called. He has been at Camp Shelby. We are so proud of his service in the Army.

The countdown app on my iPad says it is 1 month 6 days 21 hours 23 minutes until we leave for vacation. We are returning to Tybee Island. It is one of the most peaceful and relaxing beaches we have found. Woo Hoo! We are looking forward to a few days on the beach with a couple of longtime friends. I am not sure who could use the time away us or them - but I think it is them.

I think that about updates you on most everything going on around our busy life right now. I will leave you with one of my favorite photos from the wedding - the bride and her brother.

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