Tuesday, May 4, 2010

There's water where? Really?

I had asked a co-work just last week, 'Where are all the April showers?'. Little did I know we would be having May showers this year, or as some on Facebook are referred to it - The May Monsoon. The Nashville area received more than 13 inches of rain in 48 hours. So, with that much rain in such little time we all knew flooding was a real possibility.

Saturday evening everyone was shocked by the flooding on I-24 East in Nashville. Cars stuck in traffic were quickly surrounded by flood waters. Only to be made worse by a school/church portable floating onto the interstate. Did we really just watch that?

Sunday morning it began touching those close to us. A phone call about a friend's daughter's house where water was creeping up quickly. The same friend's parent's home had water entering the basement. The day was spent trying to find a way to the daughter's home and using shop vacs (4 at a time) to remove water from the basement.

I will blog about more events later, but as to the current needs....

If you are in the Ashland City area feel free to drop of needed supplies at the old Fred's store on Hwy 49/Frey Street.

Current needs: Diapers, Formula, Baby Wipes, Baby Food, Non-perishable Food, New Socks, New Undergarments.

It is so great to live in the Volunteer State. We will be taking care of our neighbors!

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