Thursday, December 10, 2009

Well worth the wait!

So many things never live up the the anticipation that precedes it. The Pioneer Woman and her cookbook were well worth the wait! I have been reading/addicted to her blog for about two years now.

When she began her cookbook I knew I would have to have one. It was well worth the wait, it is more than a cookbook, it is a snapshot into her life. And job security for heart surgeons everywhere.

I was ultra excited to know she would stop on her Griswold Book Tour in Nashville. A friend from highschool and I have reconnected via Facebook and both planned to attend. We had a great time and were joined by other bloggers for dinner and what seemed like 6,789,432 of our closest friends at the book signing.

Luckily we had visited the book store a few weeks ago to purchase our coveted books and obtain our group 3 ticket. I can't imagine if we had been in group 18!

Now, back to cooking - I think the next recipe I will try will be the bacon wrapped meatloaf. If I can quit making those biscuits long enough.

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