Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday Wishes for our boy

It has been a challenge dealing with the absence of our oldest child. We bring our babies home from the hospital thinking we could hold them and look at them forever. Then it seems that someone must have fed them miracle grow.

Our baby boy came home for the first time 21 years ago today. I remember on that drive home how beautiful the trees were, with the shade of orange, red, and gold. Perhaps just the love and joy I felt for that cute little boy made me appreciate the colors that much more.

He celebrated his 21st birthday on Sunday, without us. He called and talked for the usual 15 minutes. He had received his cards of well wishes and just seems to enjoy hearing of "home" things.

Rumor has it - is platoon "helped" him celebrate before the day was over. I am sure not in the same way his family would have - but hey guess he will never for get his 21st birthday.

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