Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

I am sure many have posted on blogs about the origin of Labor Day and what it really means. It was a day of labor on our small piece of the world. We had a heifer to freshen on labor day, but those nine months of waiting for her new calf only brought sadness. The beautiful black heifer calf did not make it. This is common among first calves for heifers, but it is still sad. When I walked up to the upper field to check on her, since she was not in the barn lot with the others, she was just standing there over her calf. The calf was lifeless and she was hovering of it. Finally after a few minutes she walked away as if to say - there is nothing more I can do. All of her labor was for no gain.

She now has resumed her place with the others. The calf has been buried and life goes on. It makes me think of how we must pick up the pieces and move on after the death of a loved one. It pains me to watch a dear friend go through that very thing now. I watch her as tears fill her eyes from something that is said, a song that is sung, or just a memory fill her head. Luckily we can know the joy of heaven and that we are promised that there will no sadness there and we will be with many loved ones again.

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